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Deep Diving

Become an SSI Deep Diver

The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will teach you all you need to dive to depths between 18 and 40 meters, through a mixture of academic sessions and open water dives. You will learn to plan and safely complete your deep diving adventures and use computers and gas consumption calculations to get the most from your deep dives. Upon completion, you will earn your SSI Deep Diving Specialty certification and be able to explore beautiful deep dive sites wherever you choose. This SSI Specialty is also a prerequisite for some advanced training, making it the next logical step to take in your dive education.

Training Standards

Minimum age : 15 years

Academic sessions : 5

Pool / Confined water sessions : -

Open Water sessions : 3

Maximum depth : 40m

Suggested duration : 10 - 15 hours

Price : 300,00€ + VAT

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