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Extended Range Foundations

Become an Extended Range Foundations Diver

The SSI Extended Range Foundations program provides you with an opportunity to enhance your advanced diving skills in a workshop environment. Learn more about using tec diving gear with any total diving system you are certified to use and build upon your basic skill set to master buoyancy, trim, finning techniques, positioning, and communication. The Extended Range Foundations program provides supplementary training to existing certifications to increase your confidence and in-water control. All in-water sessions are completed in a pool/confined water environment at depths less than 12 meters. You will earn the SSI Extended Range Foundations certification after completing this program.

Training Standards

Minimum age : 16 years

Academic sessions : -

Pool / Confined water sessions : 4

Open Water sessions : -

Maximum depth : 40m

Suggested duration : 12 - 16 hours

Price : 250,00€ + VAT


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