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09 Nov 2023

Diving Knowledge Specialty Programs

Enrich your diving knowledge by choosing one or more of SSI's specialty programs!

This year's season ended earlier than ever before for our region. The increased turbidity of the water does not allow us to enjoy our dives. Additionally, winter approaches and the lower temperatures keep us away from our hobby. So, let's take advantage of this period of diving inactivity to enrich our diving knowledges! SSI offers specialty programs which include only theory lessons and what the student has to do is read the digital manual, complete the knowledge reviews and the final exam and visit our diving school for an interesting, interactive lesson.

Diving Knowledge Specialties are :

1. Enriched Air Nitrox

2. Science of Diving

3. Equipment Techniques

And we saved the best for last...

Our diving center offers 20% off on the above specialties! The offer is valid till 30/04/2024. The initial price of each specialty is 150,00€. 

Learn more about the specialties here.

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