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Technical Extended Range

Learn Technical Extended Range Diving with SSI

The SSI Technical Extended Range diving program builds upon skills and techniques learned as an SSI Extended Range Diver. During this Extended Range diving program, you will go beyond the no-decompression limit by increasing your dive depth and duration. Using your twinset configuration, the Technical Extended Range diving program provides avid underwater explorers with the training necessary to independently plan and conduct mixed gas unlimited decompression dives to a maximum depth of up to 50 meters. Earn the SSI Technical Extended Range certification. Start this exciting mixed gas diving program today!

Training Standards

Minimum age : 18 years

Academic sessions : 2

Pool / Confined water sessions : 1

Open Water sessions : 6

Maximum depth : 50m (Nitrox), 60m (Trimix)

Suggested duration : 18 hours

Price : 700,00€ + VAT

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