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VERA wreck

At Skiathos channel (between Skiathos and Pelion coastline) there is one of the most dangerous reefs, Lefteris reef, with water depths of 1-2 meters. The narrow channel, although it has a width of about 2.5 miles, in reality is much narrower, due to shallow waters, called 'Elena', at the side of Skiathos and Lefteris reef which stands in the middle with a length (from north to south) of 170 -180 m. and a width of approx. 80 m. The result is a dangerous channel for navigation. Many ships either fell on Lefteris reef or sat in the shallows of Elena. The cargo ship " Vera " ran aground on Lefteris reef on 10/02/1999, transferring rust from Larymna Fthiotidas to Thessaloniki . The crew was rescued . A few months later broke in two and sank. Today is submerged to a depth of 17-28 meters. The bow standing upright at the deepest point , while the stern is resting on the bottom by it’s left side. Over the years it has become a natural marine life refuge . This fact, in combination with the mystic atmosphere of the wreck and its ideal depth , creates the conditions of an unforgettable dive for divers of all levels.  

Access from coast: No